Marinette County Trail Update January 8, 2019

Marinette County trails are open! 5 out of the 7 County  clubs are open and grooming and reporting good early season riding. The River Road Riders (Marinette City area) and the Kumalong club (in the Coleman area) are the only trails that are closed. They got less snow and more rain.

PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Trails are open and we're grooming this week. Got a good 7" of snow and some rain but that didn't ruin the trails. Colder temps are coming and possibly more snow too. Winter atv/utv use is allowed on most of our trail system. Follow the signs!

NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Finally the snow Gods have graced us with snow. Here in the Athelstane area we received about 5 inches of heavy packing snow. Some settling with the rain yesterday afternoon, The groomers are out today and should have all trails groomed by this afternoon. With the cold temperatures there should now be a good base. Trails open to ATV's and UTV's where allowed.  Use caution in the swampy area on the trail going through the Amberg Wildlife area. This short section is not being groomed yet. The swamp is not frozen solid enough to take the groomer through but it is passable for snowmobiles.

DUN-GOOD RIDERS: Trails are open. We got about 7"-8" of snow mixed with some rain. Snow cover is still good. Trials are being groomed regularly. All trails are groomed and in GREAT shape. We got a good 8 inches of snow and possibly another inch or two coming on Fri . Thank you snow gods!! USE CAUTION: There is a lot of logging around Kidd Lake. Winter atv/utv use is allowed.

IRON SNOW SHOE: Hurrah!  We received 6 inches of good heavy wet snow throughout most of the Iron Snowshoe Trail.  Now it is Monday morning and it is raining, but I think we will still be ok.  We went around and opened all the gates.  The trails are OPEN.  We welcome any of you to ride through and pack this snow down with your sleds.  This will help the snow stick to the trail.  For best results, our groomers will not be able to go out until it stops raining and the temperatures stay colder.  So…a day or two out.

RANGER CITY RIDERS:  Trails are open with early riding conditions we received about 7" of wet snow Monday. Our system has not been groomed yet due to some areas with swamps that need to freeze but are passable with sleds. We encourage everyone to ride and pack the trails down. We will look at the end of the week to see if it was cold enough to freeze to get groomer through at the end of the week and are hoping to pan some of the trails by the weekend. PLEASE NOTE LOGGING OPERATIONS: Our north end of the East Trail between Marek Road and Forest Road 404 is currently being logged and we are advising using caution through this area. There may be bare areas with the recent weather. We will do our best to keep this section passable as long as we can.

KUMALONG: Thought we were going to have some good snow (then it rained) Trails remain CLOSED
RIVER ROAD RIDERS: Our area got mostly rain, very little snow. Trails remain CLOSED.


The Near North Trail Riders of Athelstane will be holding their annual Brat Fry this Saturday the 12th of January to benefit the trails at Dawn and Bobs Firelane Bar & Grill  10876 County Rd C from noon until 4:00 PM. There will also be bucket raffles. Everyone is welcome. Come join us for a day of fun.

On January 12th the Dun-Good Riders will host the N.E.W. Low Buck Vintage Riders Annual Hot Dog Ride. Everyone is welcome, any age of rider. Any age of sled. Do not need to be a NEWLBVR member nor a Dun-Good member to join in the fun. Leaves from the Dun-Good building at 11:00 for a ride out into the woods, stop by a campfire and roast some dogs and enjoy a beverage. Come on along and enjoy snowmobiling "the way it used to be". Visit the New Low Buck Vintage Riders FB page for more info.
Iron Snow Shoe: All Season Long:  The Bunny Hunt – Find those bunnies in the trees or along the trail.  Valuable coupons and prizes are inside!  For more information, ask any of our business sponsors… (see page 2)
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Saturday, January 26 – High Falls Radar Run.  Register 8:30.  Race 9-4.  @ Boat Landing 3 Road and snowmobile trail
Saturday, February 9 – High Falls Radar Run and Fish-O-Rama.  Register 8:30.  Race 9-4.  @ Boat Landing 3 Road and snowmobile trail
Saturday, February 16 – Crooked Lake Fish-O-Rama – @ Fire House in Crooked Lake
Saturday, February 23 – High Falls Radar Run.  Register 8:30.  Race 9-4.  @ Boat Landing 3 Road and snowmobile trail
Saturday, March 2 – Twin Bridge ATV/UTV Ice Race.  @ Boat Landing 3 Road and snowmobile trail.  Sponsored by Twin Bridge Ski Team


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