Snowmobile, ATV/UTV January 1, 2019 Update

Happy New Year!
1/1/19---General Information: Sorry to report that not much has changed with our trail reports. We didn't get enough snow to open the trails that were closed and not enough to improve the ones that are open. Snowmobile trails are in poor early season riding condition, there is very little base.  Lots of ice.  Remember: most of the Marinette County ATV-UTV trails are open year 'round, but there are exceptions! Check with the individual clubs to get more info on winter atv/utv trails. ______________________________________________________________________________
NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails located in Athelstane and Silver Cliff areas.
1/1/19---NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Trails are not good for snowmobiles. The groomer was out on Sunday with the old drag to knock down some of the icy spots. The groomer boss reported that the trails are not good at all for snowmobiles. Ok for ATV's were allowed but be careful of Ice, He also reported that the swamps are not frozen over and it is advised to stay away from those areas, Hopefully we will get some snow soon. Our trails are open year round for ATV's & UTV's except for the month in the Spring when the county closes them. Happy New Year.
PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Snowmobile-ATV-UTV trails (North Eastern area of Marinette County, Pembine-Beecher areas)  
1/1/19---We’re still waiting for the snow. Trails are poor for snowmobiles at the moment. There is a thin base but a lot of areas are still ice covered. Trails are still open to ATV/UTV's
DUN-GOOD RIDERS: Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails in the Dunbar & Goodman areas of Northwestern Marinette County.
1/1/19---Our area received little to no snow this past week, certainly not enough to change the trail report. Trails are open & were groomed, but it's very early winter season riding for sleds. Very little base. Icy conditions. Conditions are better for the atv's & utv's than for sleds.
1/1/19---IRON SNOW SHOE---Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails in the High Falls-Peshtigo River-Parkway- Silver Cliff areas west of Crivitz.  
Snowmobile Trail Conditions: Closed. Open for atv's & utv's NORTH of County Hwy C only. Trail report is the same as last week. Sorry to report no changes. We need snow! Snow Cover: minimal.
1/1/19---RANGER CITY RIDERS---Snowmobile ONLY Trails in the Amberg-Beecher-Wausaukee areas.      RANGER CITY RIDERS: Trails are still CLOSED.
1/1/19---RIVER ROAD RIDERS Snowmobile Only Trails that cover Crivitz, Porterfield, Wausaukee, east to Marinette and south to Peshtigo:      Trails are still CLOSED.
1/1/19---KUMALONG SNO-RIDERS---Snowmobile ONLY Trails in the Coleman-Pound-Crivitz areas. The Kumalong trails remain CLOSED due to lack of snow.


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